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RegTech Analyst: Theta Lake unveils new module in Zoom App Marketplace

By November 9, 2022No Comments
Theta Lake unveils new module in Zoom App Marketplace 696x392 1


Theta Lake has launched Meetings Risk Manager, which is the company’s sixth Zoom-certified module in its App Marketplace.

According to Theta, the MRM is the only patented solution for Zoom meeting safety, security posture and configuration drift monitoring, remediation and alerting.

The company claims its MRM is based on a patented, unique set of abilities capable of addressing demand for advanced oversight and visibility into managing the security posture, settings, and activity of Zoom meetings. This technology works without bots, without recording of meeting content, and without retention of meeting content.

In addition, Theta Lake MRM delivers a multi-faceted approach to Zoom security with posture monitoring, configuration drift tracking and enforcement features coupled with risk correlation scoring using meeting behaviour data.

The company provided an example of this. For example, an alert and remediation option can be automatically generated if a positive setting like requiring authentication is changed. A higher risk score and alert can be upgraded for immediate escalation in real time for action if, for example, that authentication setting is changed, and an application desktop is shared in a Zoom meeting where unknown or unauthenticated users are present.


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